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Our Approach

Sonoma Valley, California, is home to many artists and craftsmen of the highest caliber. Located in the heart of the wine country, Sculptural Gates in Sonoma is one of the many places where artistry and craftsmanship have combined with beautiful results. Attention to detail and a strong eye to quality have earned the firm national attention and many satisfied customers.

Sculptural Gates has been in business since 1985 and we take pride in each and every gate we fabricate and install. The highest standards of craftsmanship are employed in the process. This extra effort may entail more time and effort than other manufacturers, but we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their gate system for many years to come!

Sculptural Gates occupies a niche in the building of fine art gates. The process of creating our gates is like that of fine furniture crafting. All aspects of the job are completed with exacting detail. Many times an equal amount of time is spent on the finish as is spent on the metal work. When our crew build and install a gate, it is the best there is. We want to exceed the clients’ expectations.

We work with the client, custom tailoring each gate to their specific application and satisfaction. We are able to both design the gate and look at the design aspect of the entire project to ensure that the job will culminate in a complete look that is balanced and flows with the natural surroundings.

Completed jobs range from the simplest garden gate to massive driveway gates, with stone columns and overhead steel arches.

Our Story

Sculptural Gates has been a family owned business since 1986. Donovan’s father Ken, an electrical contractor at the time, installed his first driveway gate system for a client who requested a pre-wire for the driveway gate she was about to purchase. He looked at the plans and knew he could design a better gate for her. She agreed to his new design and the rest, they say, is history. Twenty years later, that 24 foot wide, bi-parting gate still closed within an 1/8″ tolerance.

Over the years, Scuptural Gates became recognized for fine designs and exceptional craftsmanship in both fabrication and installtion.

After running Sculptural Gates for 18 years, Ken retired from the company and handed the reins to his son Donovan who continues the family tradition of fine craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Donovan Martini

Donovan Martini


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